PAC Australia has a portfolio of diverse clients, including small-, medium- and large-sized enterprises.  Our focus is to serve companies operating in all sectors of business & industry, and in particular, in the automotive, rail / other transportation, defence, food & packaging, energy, textiles, laboratories, general manufacturing, engineering and institutional sectors.


With a staff of industry-experienced professionals, PAC Australia is uniquely known to deliver services which advance our clients projects swiftly and effectively; keeping costs low and return-on-investment high from from the moment we begin our engagements.


Our professionals typically have approximately 20 years of experience in their field of specialty, and are widely traveled throughout the world which enable them to bring global Best Practices to bear on projects.


Our office is conveniently located moments from Melbourne's Central Business District, and only 25 minutes from Melbourne Airport.


Our Australia leadership welcomes your inquiries.  Please dial +61 3 9645 6625, or email us at:

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